So Excited! Good News


Congrats on your new bundle of joy. Happy to hear all is well with you both.





Glad he is doing okay and you too of course.

How much did he weigh? Did I miss that somewhere?


Congratulations, Mama!


Congrats! Hope your both doing good.




Thanks for the well wishes all you guys I appreciate them. Thanks @Mommy2five @lollipop_cradle (recovery going well so far) @Kate. @andik (I will soon share photos) @Msmimi04 @Shosho @jlesser (he was 4lbs 4oz) 17inches
@Luvbaby @babymaw @Anne


Awe! Will he have a long stay in the NICU?

My earliest of my 5 was my youngest and she was 4 weeks early. She was 5 lbs 4 ozs when born and 4 lbs 13 ozs when we were released. She had to do a car seat test before leaving but we were out in 2 days.
She swam in newborn clothes LOL. :wink: (thankfully I always buy a few preemie outfits cause all my kids have been low weight.)


Did she have a stay in the NICU?
He is doing as well as can be right now. He has in a feeding tube but there is talks to remove it. He is being bottle fed and is doing very well with that they just upped the ml he drinks. Right now they are saying he will be there until he would have been 35 weeks gestation so 2 weeks if everything go sound.


Mine didn’t need the NICU. She was able to stay in the room with me. I was very thankful that everything was well, she was just littler :slight_smile:


Congratulations!!! But when will we see some pics?


Thank you. When he fill out more from the preemie look. I will definitely share him


Does he remind you of a kit yet? :wink:
Every time I see a baby I say “their nose/mouth/ears/eye looks like ____ kit” etc.

I was done having babies before I started reborning or even knew of them, so I didn’t get to see the resemblance in my own kids…


Funny enough I was thinking what kit would be his match. I would need you guys help I don’t know as of yet


Oh wow! Fantastic news. Congratulations mummy


Thank you


congratulations you your new blessing. looking forward to seeing pictures


Thank you. Soon!


YAY!! Congratulations!!! Children are a blessing. The fruit of the womb is His reward :slight_smile: Hope you are both doing well and when you are ready those kits will be waiting. Focus on baby for now and snuggles :slight_smile: The kits will be there for you when you have time again :slight_smile:


Yes. Thank god we are both well… Thank you