So Excited! Good News


As some of you all may know… I had to hold off on painting because of my pregnancy. I haven’t painted in 8 months and I miss it… Yesterday I gave birth (via Emergency Cesarean) to my beautiful baby boy. Although he was born at just 33 weeks he seem to be progressing very well and he so far is doing fine. So excited to finally see my prince and now I can downsize on some of my kit stash. Right before finding out i was pregnant I went kit crazy and now have so many. I look forward to getting better with the help and advice from u beautiful ladies. Its been hard watching ur lovely creations and not sharing in the magic of this art form.


Congratulations on your little baby boy! What did you name him?


Thank you very much. Jex Mekhi




Congratulations, little boys are wonderful.


You were creating the best kind of magic. Congrats on your new little Prince, glad you;re both doing well.




Congratulations, Mama! :tada:


Thanks ladies @SteffanyLeah @DancesWithDolls @mcurbelo @pattyabe @rainbow


Congratulations!!! Welcome to the world sweet boy


Congratulations !!


Congratulations! Take a lot of close up pictures, I did when my last grandson was born. It’s was amazing how his coloring changed hour to hour.


Congratulations on your new Wiggly bundle!


Thank you @katieperry @crystal_s @4everbabies (yes I’m paying attention to all the upclose details) and @angfay thank you all


booties - boy

Be sure to post lots of pictures! :blue_heart:


Thank you Karen… I will! now is to early he still a preemie and forming his full newborn look but I will soon he just precious




Congratulations! So glad he is doing well. Hope your recovery is quick and easy.




Congratulation ! Yes we created reborns while you were growing a real baby in your tummy . Really good New that’s he is doing ok.
Please share some pictures of him later on if you are comfortable posting them .enjoy the motherhood:)