Show me your Saskia, Pretty Please - 2017


I’ll have to try that on a cheaper baby first, lol. You can’t tell by the pic but she has drool inside and running down the side of her mouth, that would have been enough to hold teeth in. Thanks cause I am going to try that, maybe on Quinton, give him a reason to cry, lol.


Side note on Saskia. I have been looking at her for about a month and a half and there was something about her that I didn’t like. It was her body, it seemed out of proportion to her head and arms so I changed her body to BB 647 20’ and I love it. I also modified a paci for her.

New body


Here is the latest one I am working on


Beautiful!! I am so thinking about getting another to make a twin boy.



Love her and her red hair!


She’s so cute


Thanks! She was my first red head!


My 1st Saskia

And the 2nd



She is adorable!! I love her little face and hair!! :heart_eyes:


a few Saskias I made (I made 11) LOL


So so pretty!!!


They’re all beautiful!! Love those boys, though. :heart_eyes:


thank you. I keep trying NOT to order another kit LOL LOL


I am in Saskia heaven! @Missly21 @Marydi @NancyW They are so beautiful, I want to paint another one!


Saying Goodbye to my Reborn Mascot Saskia! She will be missed but is going to a new home with my youngest daughter.



Here is my Saskia, 3rd doll (and last) I painted with air dry paints.


I need another one for sure. @Peachtree @lynn They are so beautiful!