Show me your Saskia, Pretty Please - 2017



So beautiful everyone, she looks like a dream to paint. I can’t wait! Thank you so much for sharing Saskia. What a beautiful birthday present she will be for me.

@AmyR777 Will you please share your Marissa when you get time without the leg, lol!


This is Marissa (Grant)

And Emma (Saskia)


My latest… Alexander

First Saskia I created… Hudson

Annnnd, this is Hudson as a girl, Isabella (his new mommy preferred him as a her)


Awww such cute Saskias. I’ve seen this kit painted a million ways, and they are unique and beautiful. And because of this, and the fact that I don’t feel like and can do anything different or better, I have always said I was not going to paint one.

Well, someone contacted me about a strip and redo for… wouldn’t you know it, Saskia. :joy: So I will be back to this thread for inspiration when I receive her.


Thank you everyone! I love all of them! They are all so different! My Saskia has had her bath and is now drying for a few days!

Thanks @AmyR777

Tomorrow I am priming Saskia with Liquitex UMG. :smile:
@DollyPardon Did you get the Saskia redo yet?


I had to share this one! @specialmoments I hope you don’t mind.


Just got her a couple of days ago, @Anne, thanks for asking. So far I’ve learned 3 things: 1. That red can stain vinyl. 2. That some people don’t believe in placing glass beads in a pouch. They were loose in the head- had fun pulling the stuffing out of there, let me tell you. :slight_smile: 3. That this is such a beautiful kit that I now see why everyone went nuts, although it’s a lot smaller than I expected.

I’m only 2 base coats in, so we may finish around the same time. Looking forward to seeing what you do with yours!

P.s. Special Moments made like 13 or 14 of them. They are all gorgeous. :smile:


I really don’t think anyone can really mess this baby up. She is so much fun to paint. Here are pictures of my Saskia.


Another awesome Saskia! I love her teeth!


Thank you!


Any more??? I l Be these pics!!!


More please!
I am done rooting my Twin Riley, I will spend a few days on his brows, lol! Then finally getting into the groove with Saskia. I hope she will be done this month. I am starting on my Halloween Baby Juan soon. He is having his bath now.


IN your actual tub cause he is huge? :wink:


Lol, no he is in a bucket, in the tub.


My Birthday was in September but I finished Saskia late in December, still 2017, more like an after Christmas Present but here she is! Her combi hair and eyes are purple but not showing from my iPhone camera.

Thank you everyone for sharing your beautiful Saskia with me!

P.S. @colee1970 I was scared to put the teeth in! I did paint one coming in at the top though but you can’t see it from the angle I posted.


I did this one as a custom baby and I have a new order for one but he will be caucasian with red hair!!


How cute @lastingmemories she is beautiful!


Thank you <3


The teeth are pretty easy. Just stick the tip of the exacto knife down into the gum line where you want them. Then use your hemostats to hold the little teeth and shove the pointy end down in the slit. Then when you gloss the lips and mouth dab a little extra around the base to secure them in. Scared me to death at first but it really wasn’t hard.