Show me your Saskia, Pretty Please - 2017


I know I am very late to the Saskia Party but I am getting ready to paint her and was hoping you all aren’t too tired of looking and showing her. There was another post to Show Your Saskia by @Sony72 but there weren’t a lot, lol. Please post a pic of your Saskia here. She will be my (September) birthday Present to myself. :heart:

Thanks in advance everyone!

Not my pic!


She was my Christmas present to myself and I have not had free time to start her. Boo…for sale babies first.



@Michelle58 Awe, I hope you get to paint her soon! I am working my Riley twin, and a couple of others but I am putting one away to start her.
@MrsLindsey Thank you! I love her!




Top one was my, I’d say, 5th reborn. Bottom one is W.I.P and is being done a year later


My Saskia. Now Abigail.



Here’s mine!


This is my Saskia, she was such a cutie and fun to do, enjoy yours.:footprints:


Seeing so many in a row, makes me wonder, is her left eye really bigger/ wider open than the right?


And mine


Thank you! Oh my goodness, I love each and every one. I am having out of town visitors next week. So I will be starting her after they leave.





I think the first run definitely had that problem. I got the second run and I noticed that her eyes were more even then the other ones I’d seen previously


Ah, that’s good that they fixed it. It’s such a shame to see all that hard work and then get distracted because of an eye socket.


I think it also depends on the eye size you use. One is most definitely bigger than the other but eye size would be a factor that would depend on how much bigger/smaller


Good one, hadn’t thought of that.


Another cutie, thanks!