She's done

Well, I finally finished her…I would like to have cut her hair just a wee bit shorter but the lady wanted it just below the brows and longer on the side…I think is sort of ages the bubs but the customer is always right…right? Anyway, she goes home on Monday…she is pretty excited to get her so that makes it all worth while!


She is so adorable!

Awww she’s really really cute!

Awwww…I want her. She looks so cuddly.

I want her!!! Awwwww!!! And I love the hair!!:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️

Precious baby, Starr. As always. :slight_smile:

Absolutely gorgeous! I bet her mommy is soooo anxious to get her home!

She’s beautiful Starr! Love her little headband and her brows look absolutely scrumptious.(sp) Love her,

Love her she is beautiful!

Shes stunning!!! :heartpulse:

She’s beautiful! Skin tone is perfect!

She is absolutely beautiful.

I’ve always loved this kit! My what a beautiful skin tone you have created. Precious :heart:

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Beautiful baby !!

She is really lovely.

Thank you so very much ladies :blush: …I went to bed and got up this morning to all thsee lovely comments…What a wonderful way to start the day! Big hugs to all of you :smile:


Oh Starr, I love her. Please give her to me for free. My husband lost his job. I have to be hospitalized for the rest of my life and I want it for my daughter who is dying of …you get the picture, LOL. Oh, and can you ship to Timbuktu for $5?


Oh yes, yes I will…as you know we reborn artist are soooo rich because we make so much money off our reborn dolls. I was just hoping someone like you would email though so I could unload her as they get to be such a burden for me having to try and sell them …Please send me the street address in Timbuktu ASAP so that I can pop her in the mail to you straight away…Don’t even worry about the $5 postage either…I have that covered!!!.. She’s wrapped and ready to travel…hahahaha!.. :wink: :smile: Thanks Helen…you’re a hoot!!!


Star she is adorable. You did a great job and I am sure her new mommy is going to love her.

Starr…she’s very cute and playful looking. You did a great job on her. Love the skin tone and hair.

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