Ordered My first baby

Hi all
Well just ordered my very first baby.Im scared and excited. i asked about 20 questions last week. now i have more.
Using Genesis paint is it harder to apply after youve cleaned it off the doll once?
.I have used it on polymer babies and it didnt go on well adter the first time.


Yes thanks for the tip .Also what do you use oto o ut on eyebrows.Your reborns are beautiful

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Aww yay! I am new but love reborning soooo much!! :slight_smile: I’ve used prisma pencils for brows. I saw that someone used one color for nail tips, and lots of people use them for hair, too. Have fun!

These are brows my daughter did on her doll. Here’s hair I did on my first baby.

That is unbelieveable so good.actually looks like 3 D hair

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Did you buy the verithin prisma pencils?

When I’ve stripped kits in the past I do what @Sony72 suggested and first put on a layer of matte varnish. I do that anytime the kit has been stripped even when it feels squeaky clean after the strip and washing. I learned my lesson with one kit, and from then on out if it’s stripped it gets a matte layer before any other painting is started.

If that was to me, no. I actually bought one prismacolor from bb then bought a whole set from walmart. I love them. But then I’ve never rooted mohair yet. :slight_smile:

Did you use it on your babies eyebrows too? is it charcoal on you vabies brows?Really good your daughter too.

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Yep eyebrows & hair. :slight_smile: just gotta keep then sharp so they look like hairs. Oh and one certain color looks orange after you bake it. I thinks it’s Siena…?

Here’s another view of my first baby’s hair

Check out @specialmoments hair! They are amazing at prisma hair!

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Again super good job

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I’ve rooted before, let me just tell you: Prisma’s are much better!!! It’s so much easier than rooting, and it takes less time (and there’s a simple way to remove it if you mess up, so far I haven’t been able to do that with mohair)

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Thank you! If ya search painted hair, you’ll see lots of really awesome artist’s work on here!!

I’m getting a little Caleb kit in a day or two so I may try rooting that and see. I’m scared though! Lol

Thanks for the tip sony
Do they sell it on BB as a nail detail brush?Or does it have a name ?Trying figure out what to order.

Miss Kitty i like Caleb too. like to see how yours turns out.
I JUST bought Kimi tonite after 12 months of wanting to start reborn dolls.
Maybe i said that already lol

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Aww fun! You’re gonna love it. Are you gonna use genesis paints?

I completely agree! You’ll find yourself studying babies’ hairlines and veins and stuff way more once you get started. Lol :slight_smile: I love rooted babies. I’m just scared to try. But if I bought a baby, I think I would want one with rooted hair. :heartpulse:

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:heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:someday I hope to jump for joy at my sweet rooted hair!!! Lol :0)