Ordered My first baby

Just looked at sufarplum nursery rooting and it looked good but she had done maybe 1/4 or less of the back one hair at a time and it took her 5 hours!!So seems like this just takes a lot of patiences…take your time.
Heck i havent even bought my paints yet and im worrying about hair!!

Still on hair. … i got thinking i have some very soft fine unspun wool
.If I dyed it how would it work for hair?.
Is there a reason mohair is used not wool? Just wonder…

Nah, I’m sure you got it! Just take your time and make sure the head is warm (so you don’t break your needles, I made that mistake many times). I hope you’ll post pictures!

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It will be a while.Ordered doll kit and a like nuwave but cheap oven.Home depot as someone mentioned.
Then have to get paints hair the 42 single barb rooter . etc…
That will be after xmas gifts are bought for grandkids plus i need tires…so might be as late as Jan before i have it all and start.
.Sure i will have more questions once i start. but i just cant WAIT and will for SURE put it up…
I appreciate everyones help so much.

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