Ofelia reborn kit!

Does anyone know where I could find this Ofelia kit. I have been seeing pics of this adorable baby elf. I have no idea when this kit even came out. I want one so bad. Any ideas where to find one?

Thank you!!! Gonna hop on there now. :smile:

Found one through Mac Phersons for 109.00 and free shipping. Its out of stock right now but cheaper. I just love this baby kit.

nonies angels nursery they have it for 99.00 just checked.

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Awesome!!! I will pull that up right now. Never bought from there. Are they good to purchase from?

nonies angels nursery has ofelia just checked its in stock

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yes the shipping is cheeper I have bought kits from there before like the jade kit and jola and its fast shipping

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Thank you so much!!! Just put in my order!!! :slight_smile:

you are very welcome a lot cheeper than ebay

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I just order me one to she so cuet :smiley:

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Did you order her eyes on there as well?

no didn’t think about that did you I order the eye adjuster tool

No I didn’t. I thought the eyes were a little pricey.

I will check doll dreams I think they have them not sure

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they do 29.00

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I like cheaper!!! :smile:

me to if you fine some cheeper let me knowi think the blue is pretty

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I certainly will. I love the blue as well. Makes his little face stand out.

Can you tell me please which country this nursery is in. Thank you.

the address is 4246 n. pennfield pl.
boise id 83713 that’s the address on my package
from nonie’s angels nursery