Ofelia reborn kit!

thank you

You will find depending on the eyes that you use that you may want to size up to 22mm. I tried to use 20 and there was just too much white showing so I used 22mm. I had to cut the back of the eye a bit to allow the bigger size to fit but I really like them so much better.


@ Cindym I am in love!!! Beautiful job on Ofelia!!!

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so cut love her can’t wait till i get mind

cute forgot to spell right forgot to and the e

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I did not know about Nonies! She has some rockin kits! My husband is going to have to put me on restriction though - I spent all my birthday money and then some. Sometimes its awesome to have your kids grown so you can finally spend something on yourself but I went insane like a rich girl having a sweet sixteen party! I finally got my Polly! I want to make an Ophelia troll for my mother. Deb, you gotta post your Ophelia WIP! I did not like the kit at first but it is growing on me.

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Thanks Deb. I wanted her to appeal to more than elf lovers. I have convinced some real ‘dislikers’ that she can be done and turn out very cute.

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@ cindym, Without a doubt shes a keeper and just melts the heart. :revolving_hearts:

yes she does she so cute I had to have one to thank you deb I got a email mail she has been shipped :smile:

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@alicekay56 Your gonna have alot of fun with her. Post pictures when done. :slight_smile:

okay :smiley:

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i got my ofelia today she sure is tiny did you get your’s what size body would be best the taite body or the body for the monkey she is tiny :smile: