Newbie Traveling Pants Box Discussion


Nope I’m getting the money myself. I am doing this all bymeslf. Its ok you don’t believe but I am trying to do the right thing here. I am trying to find help. I don’t know where I can find the help. I am trying here.


Ok. Good. Being good is easier than being bad. :heart:️ And you’ll have a lot more friends. :+1:t2:


I think it is nice that you admitted your faults… But I do feel as if it was ONLY because you knew the gig was up. This has been done many times over several years, there isnt a chance you just overnight “realized” you were hurting others and should seek help.
Perhaps it is because of the scams I have read about, but I feel the apology is only to keep anyone from posting you in scammer groups and so others don’t come forward as well… Oh and because you know there are legal consequences and now that we know your name, address and profiles and whatnot. And… You are taking responsibility without actually taking responsibility, and have not addressed the other items you have stolen from our members.

I truly pray that you are willing to seek help, and to quit taking advantage of the women in our community…
I dont want to upset anyone for posting this, beccause I know you are all so kind and forgiving! But I have a hard time believing anything a proven scammer says, they will do all they can to dig themselves out of the messes they create.


No its not like that. At all. I honestly thought in the past you know this is not right this is not the way to go about it but I always shut that out. And it makes me sick. It took me this long to realise I’m sick in the head and I need help. And I plan on getting the help I need.


The ball is now in Jessica’s court. We’ll see what happens. I think that stepping up and admitting fault is a great first step, but it takes a lot to earn back trust, and the actions that come next are the important part.


I am willing to show any and all paperwork I get from the mental help I get. Anything. I am trying to prove I am willing and want the help to get through this. Just let me know.


I agree. I’m not expecting anyone to ever fully trust me again that will have to be earned. But I will make this right.


Thank you Jessica. I’m serious about helping you find local resources. I used to live in GA, and I don’t know what your financial situation is, but I found a great counselor that helped me overcome PTSD with daily panic attacks and severe agrophobia. I never did anything malicious to others, but I understand what you mean when you say that you don’t know why you do it. I don’t know why my brain reacts to some things the way it does, but through counseling I’ve learned to cope with it, control it, and recognize what is rational and what is not. There is hope. The counselor that helped me the most considered my (very low) income and charged me on a sliding scale. I paid about $3.00 per hour long session. There might be something like that available in your area.


I am curious though, what did you do with all of the things you have “acquired” over the years? Were they sold on eBay or kept? Just wondering how nobody came across their stolen items being sold or shown off?!
Honestly out of curiosity, and not trying to shame you with this particular comment. I am sure people would like to know what happened to their stuff


I have a very low income. Thank you for wanting to help me. It means a lot. How would I go about researching some places here? I don’t know what to put into the search bar.


I’ve kept all. Somethings I no longer have because when I first started wanting to paint hair I used a sharpie thinking it wouldn’t turn purple. So a few things I had to toss out. I’m not sure what all though.


When you find somebody on FB the jig’s up.

I have 4 friends in common with her…:roll_eyes:


Try “Mental health services (Your town) GA” or “income-based mental health services (Your town) GA”


Ok thank you.


So you do have some of the items to return to their rightful owners? I am glad you kept some of it instead of making a profit from items you didnt pay for… Again, I would love to give you the benefit of the doubt, but forgive me for holding suspicion.
I will stop replying about the situation on this thread @ashleyfox98, so we can return it back to a discussion on our box.
Should we still send our items to you Ashley? I would hate to hold onto them and have the box return to you with items damaged or missing, or not be returned at all and then we wasted another week of travel time lol.
Let me know!




I will have tracking number tomorrow Ashley the post office closes at 12 on Wednesday. I will have everything on there. I will add the tracking number on this thread along with the receipt.


Wow she should know better


Your right I should. I’m ashamed of myself. Box is being returned tomorrow morning. I will add tracking tomorrow and show receipt.


I enjoyed your thoughts here. Your so right.