Newbie Traveling Pants Box Discussion


I agree wow.


I hope so


I notice there’s at least one “newbie” here, if you get my drift…:roll_eyes: @babymaw not talking about you.


Are you referring to me by chance…? @Simone


@hyelah1990 Yes I am. You are a newbie, correct?


Isn’t this the NEWBIE Traveling Pants Box Discussion?? @Simone


Yes, it is.


Am I not supposed to be following here…? Maybe I don’t get your drift…


Thank you. :slight_smile:


@hyelah1990 I was speaking of the person-in-question and her tendency towards multiple nics and accounts.


Well I can assure you… I AM NOT HER!! I have sent all of my info to @ashleyfox98 and even sent money to get the replacement box going. But I do understand where you are coming from. @Simone


@hyelah1990 I didn’t say you were.


Is it ok if I PM you?




I’m confused. I’m a “newby” too. This is the newby box discussion post. The person in question is actually communicating again now anyway. But what are you trying to say about whatever newby you’re talking about?


She was talking about Me @Katinafleming
I noticed I wasn’t the ONLY one as well…


But why? What did you say to get yourself questioned? :grimacing:


Nothing @ all. Just following along with everyone else.


@Katinafleming I wasn’t trying to say anything.
When I have something to say, it gets said.

Are you looking for trouble because it sounds that way.

You’re barking up the wrong tree - you and @hyelah1990 both.


I most definitely am not @Simone. I even sent you a pm telling you I did NOT want to cause any drama here IF I was out of place. I was simply answering @Katinafleming message.