Newbie Traveling Pants Box Discussion


OH WOW!! Yup she is a SCAMMER!! And she will be coming back around FULLY LOADED, she is probably already here under another user name, probably has been using several names at the same time!


Yes that is the same address for Countrycradlereborns aka Sophiasdolls :frowning: I wish we had a file saved for all known scammers address’s we could have checked before sending her a box. It sucks for everyone but I really feel awful for Ashley she spent her money and packed up a full box of her items and lost all of them. Kathy or whatever your real name is you should feel ashamed of yourself and I hope you get a nice throat full of Karma very soon :stuck_out_tongue: people like you are what make our world such a bad place.


Maybe like the good review post we could have a scammer post. Anyone who gets scammed could post the persons address there so we could easily search the post before sending packages.


In the interest of transparency, nearly half of the items were donated to me for the box by @babymaw. So just feel half-bad for me! :slight_smile:


Now that is an idea I could go with sounds like it would work very well as long as only verified scammers ended up on it and not just some disgruntled person or the scammers posting on it.


I think if if was just a disgruntled person trying to bash someone unfairly, there would be enough other people to vouch for the person. We could easily comment in defense of someone being unfairly attacked.


@babymaw Karen has a heart of gold, I know neither of you two deserved this and I can only pray Karma finds her really soon. Grrrr


This was posted 9 days ago. The irony…


Exactly she knew what she was up to


I would be careful about sharing addresses in a big scammers thread. It could lead to legal trouble on the sharers end. You could also get scammers posting addresses of non-scammers, claiming that they are the scammer. You also never know if there are kids living in these homes, and sharing addresses could lead to an angry person going to the house to seek their own justice, and well, things could get bad. Not to say that I support scammers, I just think all scenarios should be considered before any action is taken.


I wish we could just get IP addresses blocked when it’s 100% proven that someone has been dishonest.


Holy cow. What a mess. :frowning:


She or he knows I have shared every ounce of info I have on her or him. I think if the address is known then others will recognize it and not send anything. I’ve noticed she/he stops responding after they steal and receive the “package”! And if she or he wants to look me up, that is fine. My house is armed and so is my neighborhood, my door bell starts with American Bully, he hears a cricket and we know he’s on to something. Plus I’d love to see her/him/them try and prosecute after all that has been taken! I’m sure the user under another name is reading this post right now!

edited to add, we know the local Sheriffs too


Isn’t that what does when they want to block people? I don’t know how it works. But apparently it works for them, it should work for us.


I think this is the email @simone dealt with when selling Kimi

Maybe Simone can confirm the address was the same for Countrycradlereborns

Was it this address, Simone?
45 jeffery town rd trenton ga 30752


Right? I feel disappointed but in the spirit of this thread, I’ll keep it to myself. Will see if I can help replace things.


This thread


:flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed: Oh my. How did I miss all this??

I definitely remember the drama from before. I, too, wish IP addresses of scammers could be blocked. Because really what’s to stop one of her other personalities from registering here and repeating this? We do lots of buying/selling/trading around here.


Do your family members look for people for hire. I may have a grandson I would love to know if he exist. I know that sounds weird. How much would they charge?


Thank you Amanda I’m having fun watching the box travel. I don’t mind helping out I just don’t take charge like Ashley. She’s the one I feel sorry for. Gods watching though and pay back will not be pretty.