Newbie Traveling Pants Box Discussion


It honestly just feels like a weight has been lifted with the mystery solved and the new box coming together. I don’t have any energy left for whatever her name really is. At best she is suffering from serious mental health problems, at worst she’s just a bad person. I don’t envy either. I can move on, but she has to live with herself.


So true Ashley and @babymaw -and look how this has pulled us all together -coming in to help restore the box -she may have taken the material things -but not our comradery and friendships we have developed as reborners ! I told my daughter earlier -I feel blessed to be a part of this forum and associate with such fine Christian ladies - She may get away with these awful things right now but someday she will stand before Him and answer for it - And it’s good that it all came out - I hope it helps others not get scammed :frowning: God bless :heart:


That’s kinda what I was thinking earlier. She exchanged opportunity for really good friendships for a box of material stuff that will disappear before she knows it. Then again…she will just start a new profile and get right back into the communications. But she can lurk. She can prey. She can screw us all over…and we will all still come out ahead of her. :heart:


I thought I remembered her/he from another state other than Georgia this post is from when she/he first joined in this time


Yes I noticed it last night while looking around,She lied! She told Ashley she had just moved to GA when she sent her address which was another lie. She is more then likely a child, she definitely needs mental health help whoever she is!


Research shows her to be in her 60s - old enough to know better for sure!


@jlesser Yes, that is the address of countrycradlereborns.


Her schemes seem far too elaborate for a child. She’s been playing and mastering this game a very long time. :confused:


Hopefully that will be the end to her schemes for awhile here :frowning_face: it’s a shame that she has to do this for whatever reason she would have.


I think she is still around it is kind of a thing where they have to visit the scene of the crime so to speak they like to see the results .


I agree. Someone posted yesterday that one of her old accounts was suddenly active again.


Exactly she does not have to post to be a member and be watching it all pretty sick to be doing this so often .
She may very well have assumed another name and joined again within a day or so of the last stunt she pulled off .


This is not a case of multiple personalities. This a case of a deceitful person enjoying drama.


Her personalities are ugly, ugly, ugly, and ugly. Plain and simple. :rage:


Here she is, Jessica Stevens, daughter of Kathy Stevens:


And here is her Facebook cover photo. I crocheted the mint green hat and blanket and bought the grey and white Burt’s Bees romper that her reborn is wearing. If you look back at my previous posts, I listed that set for asle a while ago.


Wow! You’re good. Should should be a private investigator :male_detective:t2:‍♀️


I commented on this picture, “I’m glad that you’re enjoying the baby items that you stole.”

Her most recent post asks for prayers for an injured police officer. :rage:


On July 19th she posted Kimi!!! Ugh.
Definitely her.


Here is a link to her profile if anyone would like to say hello:

The picture pushed me over the edge. I’m shaking. I MADE that stuff.