Newbie Traveling Pants Box Discussion


One of the worse things caused by people with multiple personality’s is the way it makes kind caring people back off from those who are for real when they join the forum for fear of getting hit again.
That has happened here before as well
Like this one who posted this Macrobaby reborn maternity? Scam? Pls help She has just joined do we believe her to be for real ?
It just makes you question everyone new and that is sad


@Sophiasdolls last logged in Aug 3rd at 7:05 am so she has seen the notifications and is reading this. Please Sophia Taylor or whoever you are do the right thing and log in and explain what’s going on and make this right.


So…I know this is supposed to be a free forum. But maybe Bountiful Baby should charge everyone like $1 a year or something like that for membership payable by PayPal. That would verify our identity and help prevent some fraud. :thinking:


Do not think a dollar a year is going to keep wacko’s away and I would not pay it myself which is ok I guess if I couldn’t get in I would not spend so much on reborns because I wouldn’t see so many I like.


It’s not about the dollar. It’s about verifying identity.


It is about the dollar to me lol and if people do not know I am who I say I am by now then I do not think a dollar is going to convince them :smile:


I don’t have anything nice to say right now so I’m not gonna say anything. Just know that Karma will come back and bite you right on the a$$.


I’m thinking this could possibly be the same person that scammed me several years back. She or he was using the name Kathysreborns, the name used was Kathy Stephens with a Paypal address as camaroboy… She or he was out of Georgia. I’ve also wondered if this scammer was still lurking around. I’m sure I still have the address in my Paypal account, possibly in my old messages too. She thought she’d scam me for my $100…00 but that was refunded via Paypal. I was scammed for a discontinued sculpt and a box of goodies when I accepted a trade the same day with her. I shipped and received nothing on that transaction.


My research showed the address in question where this box is now is registered under the last name stevens. Kathy Stevens was one of the names listed.


possibly the same person! I’m sure she has a mother load of stolen items!!


I would guarantee that this is the same person.


I have some family members (who I will not name for privacy reasons) that their profession includes having to find people and track down information on them. Nothing is private anymore no matter how hard you try.


@Kate would you mind messaging me the address? I would like to keep it noted so I can make sure I never send a package her way. Also, I would like to do some sleuthing lol. Does anyone have the PayPal email addy?
And names she has gone by previously? Also, I need to jump on FB later and check the scammer pages to see if any of her alias’s have been listed.
I want to be sure none of us get scammed ever again by her. You know if she is getting all of this free stuff she is also selling it somewhere!


Yeah go get her sounds like a plan !


The Paypal address for aka Kathy Stephens is, in case any one is purchasing for this scammer!


I do not mind as long as @ashleyfox98 is okay with it.


Same here Kate I would like to make note of the address as well. :wink:


I don’t mind.


Here is the address I sent my package to, for “Kathy” I cut and pasted the address from the message she sent me, here it is 45 jeffery town rd trenton ga 30752


That is the same address I sent the box to.