New emmy reborn


do you need a total of 3 extender rings for the new reborn Toddler Emmy and what size clothes, shoes, diapers, etc


I just received my Emmy today. As soon as I get home to open her I’ll look and let you know. I can tell you that my daughter has Arianna Schenk who is 2 inches shorter and wears mostly 18 months and some 2T. She wears size 2 shoes and size 3 diapers. I imagine Emmy is going to be pretty much the same, but I’ll let you know. Also, I only needed my usual one extender ring when I painter her.


This would be great to know how she fits with a nuwave, and how many extra rings we may need. …I am avoiding buying her till we know, but really want her. I CANT wait to see yours!


I don’t have Emmy, but I do have Sally Swialkowski who is also 30" with slightly bent legs. I’m going to start her soon, so I measured her in my off brand oven. Her legs will fit with a total,of 2 extender rings (my Rosewill oven has a diameter of 12.5" so I think it’s smaller than a nuwave). Also, the description for Emmy says her legs are 14" long if the helps.


Thank you for the helpful info.


She is much bigger than I anticipated! Even with two rings I’m not sure how to put the legs in so that they’re not leaning against the sides.
As far as shoes and clothes, her feet are big. They wouldn’t squeeze into the size 3 shoes I have on hand. I’m guessing a size 5. I’m assuming she’ll wear 18mo. - 2T. Here’s a photo of her next to Arianna and Twin A, for a reference.


I lean parts up against the sides all the time with no issues. I hate baking, so anything I can do to get a whole kit in my small oven, I’ll try lol! I just line the sides with a folded white dish towel or cloth diaper (I got a set of flour sack type dish towels that don’t have a texture) and lean the parts up against the towel. Then bake as usual. Never had an issue so far. I bake most of my kits thus way.


@crystalmae. With the 2 extender rings how close is she from the top heat element…I’m wondering if I may need 5 or 6 rings to keep the tops from melting. I really want this kit, but I’m guess her legs a a lot longer than Ariannas. .


When you say lean them up against the sides all the time, is that just the glass or extender ring too? as the metal extender ring gets hotter than the glass?


I have Emmy and just have 2 extender rings i think that’ll be ok with just the two


I only have one extender ring at the moment so I need to purchase another. But I leaned it against the side as suggested by Bec1273 and the leg was about an inch away from the element. Obviously too close. The head was about three inches from the top. Another artist suggested using a wooden dowel (like a modified paper towel holder) and standing the parts up with 2 extender rings. The rings are 3 inches tall so I believe that will be safe. I’d love to hear other ideas though! :slight_smile:


Typically I just have to lean them up against the glass, but my Kenzie’s legs were partially against the ring. I make sure the towel is folded up enough to create a thick padding between the parts and the side or ring. So far it’s been fine, but I may just be getting lucky lol.


Yeah Emmy’s leg is up over the first extender, so will put something under the leg


I know nothing about extender rings however Emmy has very big feet probably wears about a five shoe and it could be a good time to check your local Walmart I got these for my toddlers all three pair for eleven dollars :smile:


I’m almost done with my Emmy. I use 3 extender rings. The vinyl is extremely soft and the vinyl is easy to lose it’s shape. When I baked the head the space in between the eyes sunk in. :fearful: Also when I lean the legs up against the sides the legs fold in on themselves. :fearful:


OH Dear! Thanks for that warning!

I will only try air dry if I buy her someday.


And the head is huge too!!! Omgee


I wonder if it would be easy to insert the eyes through the front…?? I have sausages for fingers and I would never reach the eye sockets…


Is the neck hole small?


I’m not sure I haven’t bought the kit. That’s the main reason why I haven’t bought it. Not knowing for sure I sure hate to buy it and not be able to get the eyes in.