New emmy reborn


BB kits are very soft you shouldn’t have trouble getting them in through the neck opening if you do just heat the vinyl a little .
I only bought the limbs so I couldn’t say about the size of the neck opening on Emmy now the vinyl of other suppliers can be like rocks that can be an issue .


Awesome to hear! I better go ahead and order her before she’s out of stock.


Have y’all seen any as a boy?? The face seems boyish to me.


Yes it is; bigger than Tibby and I thought that was impossible , lol


I cut the eye sockets and the 24mm acrylic eyes float around in there with lots of room. I am looking at German glass in 26mm


Mine sure looks like a boy now that I have painted it. I sure wished I could see girl but I just don’t.


Yeah I want a girl as well just to have hair to play around with but the more I look at this kit the more I see a boy with girl clothes on. Do you have a wip picture? If not don’t worry about it.


I haven’t taken a picture yet. I will when I go into the lab tomorrow. Then you can see how the face caved in above the nose too.


Can’t wait to see everyone’s Emmy!


I saw a super cute one on facebook earlier!