My first reborn ;)


Terrible lighting but my first reborn baby was born at 8:53 tonight. I love her so much. Can’t belive she’s done. Now I can enjoy her :). Going to change her clothes tomorrow and take nice pictures of her.


You can’t see any detail but she does have eyelashes too lol


She is cute, well done! Congratulations on your first baby!


Thank you so much Anne!


She’s beautiful!! :heart::heart::heart:


You are off to a great start. Welcome to our world of addiction.


Thank you Meghan!


Thank you Kimomax!


Very cute. Nice job.


Thank you Jean! I have a lot to learn but I’m happy with her :slight_smile:


Great job !! She’s adorable- I m a newbie too -it’s very addicting lol :grin:


Thank you and yes it is! Lol :slight_smile:


Olive says Good Morning!! I just love her! I see where I need improvements :slight_smile:


I can’t believe she is your first!!! You did an awesome job. Seeing where you need improvements is an ongoing thing.


I think everyone is critical of their own work and always see things that others may not I know I am and that’s alright .
You have a lovely baby now and if you see things you want to improve then that can be your next challenge as you go forward to your next beauty .


Thank you so much!! So encouraging :heart_decoration:


Thank you and yes it’s ongoing even in my work that I have been doing for 15 yrs lol. Artists keep on criticizing their work and keep getting better…hopefully lol I can’t wait to get another kit!




Thank you Denise :two_hearts:


It certainly looks like you are going to be a natural, you have done a wonderful job on your first baby!! Congratulations on getting her all finished up!! I hope you are keeping her, she will always be the one you compare your future babies with and you will be so surprised at how much you improve!!