My first reborn ;)


She is adorable! I recently ordered Olive, and yours makes me even more excited to paint her!


She is so adorable, congrats!


She’s really cute. You did such a great job on her.


Oh thank you!! I know I need to work on whispy eyebrows, but at least they are pretty even lol. Yes, I’m planning on keeping her but share her with my almost 86 yr old Mom who lives in town :slight_smile: I’m trying to get hints from her on what kits she thinks are really cute and make one for her for her bd…if I can wait until July. :wink: I’m going to take advantage of BB sale on Monday. <3


I Love this kit and going to more than likely get another when the sale comes. :slight_smile: I’m sure your Olive will be beautiful…it seems hard to not make her cute lol Looking forward to seeing your Olive!! :slight_smile:


Thank you Molly!!


Thank you so kindly Cindy!!


What a great job! @lynn has a very good point…keep her to compare what you do and cherish her always :blush: She’ll always mean the world to you :heartbeat: Can’t wait to see your next baby! :kissing_heart:


Oh how sweet! Great job!


Thank you both so much!! I just finished my 5th today. Little Ella :slight_smile:


Beautiful. Wasn’t it exciting to finish!!


Most definitely!! :heart_eyes:


Good job, she is darling !!!


Thank you so much! :two_hearts:


congratulations! The first one is very special. You’ve done a great job.


TY So much Gail!! :two_hearts:


Olive is one of my favorites. I have regretted letting mine go, and plan to make another. Yours is beautiful!


TY! I love Olive. If she doesn’t sell for what I want…she’s my keeper for sure. :slight_smile:

I found this cute little dress for her at Walmart.