With the weather turning poo poo, what do you do for lighting when taking photos?? I dont like daylight bulbs. Do you use umbrella lights? What brand, what watt? Help…


I have theseÉclairage-Ampoules-Continue-transport-lEnregistrement/dp/B00KDW66JE/ref=sr_1_59?__mk_fr_FR=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&keywords=photo+lights&qid=1570299937&sr=8-59

Are they true to light?? I’m so torn,

I have a good friend who is a collector that takes gorgeous photos. She uses the Ott light that is on the stand with the flexible neck.


I have an Ottlight! But I dont care for how it picks up my colors…:frowning:

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I have the tall photo light( that falls over if you even get near it) (eye roll) with a white light bulb and I use it year round, even on sunny days. We are in the woods and my painting/ photo room in a north facing room. I have a big window close and with the light on the other side, captures it the best I can. the lighting set up and bulbs are from Amazon (under 100.00 for both)

I use an umbrella light and a reflector, plus a daylight bulb in the ceiling lamp. I got my set off eBay a few years ago from a photography shop in Canada. I have broken all but 1 of the bulbs it came with, but it came with 3 bulbs, 3 tripods and 4 umbrellas (two reflective and two white ones)

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Are you using a camera or a phone for the pictures?

Nikon 7100 With all the bells and whistles

I use to have that camera and it worked AMAZING with a speed light! I picked up a varying angle speed light used from my local camera store for $40!

what’s a speed light?

A flash you can put on top of your camera and angle it so it will bounce off the ceiling/wall for a more natural look


I used my Ottlite only for this photo no other settings we altered.What do you think??


This one I used my speedlite flash attachment…


When I use a speed light, I angle it at the wall to either my right or left to make it look like the light is coming from a window, not flashed directly on the baby

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I’m so out of practice!!! This was under a south facing window also.

What kind of speed light do you have?

I currently use a speedlight bounced backwards in a 30 inch shoebox with a reflector on the other side. I just upgraded to 60 in umbrella to give the affect of a large window. I taught photography at Rose this year and here is the set up I used and the example picture from it.

This set up is very simple the soft box light kit was o ly 30 dollars on ebay and the reflector is from ebay as well. It’s the continuous lighting set up here. The setting I used for this set up is shutter 200 aperture f2.8 or f3.4 ISO 100 to 250

If you have a DSLR try out these settings.

Hope this helps!:blush:


@JenLen thanks for the camera settings! I would really like to get a small photography setup like this. It will be my next purchase!

For about 75 dollars you cant go wrong!:wink:

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