Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


Just finished putting together Miya. Looks like I made another boy. Quick cell phone pic in bad lighting, haha.


Finished my Special Miranda with Vitiligo today


I love this doll! My daughters friend has this skin condition and you did a fantastic job on realism .


Wow! This is a beautiful job! I never saw anyone make this kind of baby before! Love it!!!


Thank you!


She’s very realistic!




You did an AMAZING job with this. You stole my heart for the day!


Thanks guys! :heart:


Just started working on Realborn Jaxon. Still a long way to go, but I’m in love with his little face!


Finally completed Raine. I made a post of more pix.


I love her!, special babies are my favorite. Wonderful baby!


And this berenguer doll is all finished. At first I was nervous that she wouldn’t turn out right cause there was lots of staining all over her head and limbs but it actually worked out great some stains blended in with the paint I added and some you can barely see like the permanent marker on the corner of her lip. I’m proud of myself she may not be the best but I did what I could with my skill level of painting.


This is my Rowan kit…my first AA baby but I really struggled with her skin tone…for days, and days!! LOL…I started with the primary method which worked really good until I got to the 3rd round of yellowbluered…Anyway, I still think she is too reddish even with the swamp green wash I put on her today. I need to clean up her creases and then she gets to sit on the rack and wait to be sealed and get hair. I think I need a new method but I do know how to make darker skin tones now which is good. I was afraid to go darker but maybe next time…and Ill need to look around for more tutorials ;).


Looking good! Especially for a first. Its so hard achieving a good ethnic skin tone I have yet to try and honestly not sure if I will.


Thank you…I don’t think I want to do another one anytime soon LOL


Looking good! I’m working on my very first ethnic as well. It’s so much harder and time consuming! I am excited to see the finished product :blush:


Thank you :slight_smile:
I have some nice, naturally, black Suri Alpaca hair that I want to root her with. Ill have to finish up her little details and let her sit a bit (I use acrylics) before I can seal her and start rooting her…Im hoping I like her more after I put hair on her ;).

Hope to see your baby :slight_smile:


@Lil I use Liquitex. I do the primary method but on the 4th layer I mix the three colors together to get the Mother Color tone I want then apply that to the baby doing a couple of layers depending on how dark I want the baby to be. I have also done the r/y/b layers twice then the Mother Color. Some people mix the three colors together from the start to get the Mother Color and use that instead of doing the colors separate. I hope I am making sense. :grinning:


Funny, thats what I did but It was on the 5th layer. The mistake I made was putting in Burnt Umber. I also use Liquitex btw and I have one tube of W&N, yellow ocre, and I still have some of my Jo Sonja paints that I use and a couple bottles of LDC. So after two layers of that she was still quite dark red so I mixed up some Raw Sienna, Yellow Ocre, and a bit of Ultramarine blue, that looked nice after two more layers but I still wasn’t happy so I put a bit of pink blushing on her cheeks and then the lovely swamp green wash and now Im happy, other than the colour buildup on the top and back of her head but her hair will hide that.
Thank you for your advice and Ill try just mixing the colours together next time :slight_smile: