Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


Well, can’t wait to see her!


Just finished lips and nails… Getting ready to do veining on a couple more and I

have Landon and Dominic soaking in a bath… Ahhhh… so much fun!


I still have nightmares about melting kits. It’s happened for real two times. It has made me double check everything when I set the oven. You’ll definitely see color show up. Just don’t do what I did with my first few GHSP kits snd pverly color them. :smile: you can ask any questions you want and I’ll see if I can answer. :blush:


It is amazing how long it can take to paint a little bit of hair!


Very cute!! Great job!
I am still working on feeling confident enough to paint on a finished doll head. Its a bit more scary with acrylics because they don’t wipe off as easily as oils do. Im still working on my little Bambi practice head. My last one with prisma looked good so Ill try going over that with paint and see how I do, I hope mine can look as good as yours :slight_smile:


Thank you. I am pretty happy with the outcome. This is the first time I managed to not give a whole bunch of hair. I need more practice but there is another Christmas present waiting on hair plus 3 more in the process of being painted and two of them will get painted hair. Hopefully I will improve with each baby…




So lovely, Karen, all your dolls are just beautiful. :slight_smile:






Thank you! A month or so and I will be starting my experiment. I think I will paint a belly plate to start as a test.


Nice hair!!


Thank you! :blush:


OMG this is amazing!!!


Your dolls are amazing!!!


Babies focal range may be short, but their eyes are still centered, unless they have some eye defect. The newborns I have observed, and the hundreds of dolls I have collected, all babies and toddlers, have centered eyes…I made an error in a porcelain doll years ago placing eyes with the wax before gluing…it was quite obvious at that point, it could be redone, hence the wax, for moving the eyes, but placement of eyes seems to be crucial in all dolls . Eyes make them come to life…It would seem to me, anyway, it would be worth the time to reset them if you could. :slight_smile:


Thank you! :heart:


Thank you!


So these two are finally finished I had to make new outfit as the pattern I used before was way to small for these dolls.
And I finally got the round eyes to fit into the head. I had to carefully cut inside the head to get them to fit in right.