Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


They look interesting, but do say watercolor, so not sure if they would be OK with solvents.
Anyway, here they seem to be lot cheaper:


Raine is starting to get done hair


Love him! What kind of needles do use to root?


Well, if they don’t work, Ill just let my kids have them :wink:
Ill be using Golden satin liquid and soft touch varnish so hopefully it will work out ok :slight_smile:


42g forked. He has human hair. I still have to finish rooting the back.


Thank you! Please let me know if those work for you. I did see something like that, but it looked pretty smooth. Maybe the trick is a very light touch otherwise I think I would pounce out the texture and end up smooth.


The ones I have here at home, with the larger holes, are very soft so if they are like that there may be trouble getting little pores to show but Ill give it a go. I have been waiting for my Golden Glazing liquid (I usually just use my liquitex matte gel) to mix with my soft touch sealer. It should arrive the same time as the sponges and I can try them both out on my Claire kit and Ill put up some pics if it works out, either way Ill let you know :slight_smile:



I hope it works!


First time painting a berenguer baby doll I just finished this gal up today her hair is funky looking cause someone had tried to root it before but definitely better than what it looked like before. Going in for the finale bakes then to add the lashes and magnets. I’m hoping her mommy likes how she came out.

Here’s a before and after




This is my second reborn ive ever worked on. 1 creasing layer, 4 mottling layers and 2 complexion layers so far.

Her nose is not drilled.

Not sure if i will stop here, or add one more complexion layer.


I bought this Ashton Drake several years ago when she was released (top stock picture). She is So Truly Real Pretty in Pink. I had been noticing that she had no color left in her arms and legs and no detail to her face. I took her apart and repainted her. The hair rooting by “Ashton Drake” was terrible. I have been rooting for a while each day. This head is so hard you could bowl with it. I still have the back to go but all my needles are broken (even with heating the head). Anyway, the bottom picture is my new little boy (eventually to have hair on the back of his head).


Mer-baby! Day one!


That is a nice green!


More rooting for Raine…


So pretty! Looks flawless.


First of the grand daughters Christmas babies…almost finished.


My current WIP


Maama mamma! This is two days later and it looks almost the same… this boy and his big ole block! xD


With my usual lightning speed I have FINALLY begun rooting the baby I have been working on for like 4 weeks!
(The other baby is stalled out till they get more Clyde bodies in)