Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


Put Grant down when I started my new career in teaching last fall… his face just spoke to me tonight and I started rooting him… but gosh does he have a bigger noggin them I’m used to! Feels good after over a year! Plus I miss you ladies!


Welcome back, nice rooting.


My She turned into a He lol


Pretty :slight_smile: I want to try rooting lashes but I’m afraid I’ll ruin my kit…Gotta get a test head…


Rooting closed eyes is pretty easy. I’m not good at rooting, but lashes aren’t that hard. And it’s a small area, so there isn’t too much to mess up, haha.


That’s in my favor LOL!


Here is Kyra that I’m working on. Advice is more that welcome


Now, that I see her on here, there are several things that need tweaking. Advice welcome.


I bought this kit when it was on sale for 11 bucks and couldn’t seem to find the inspiration to do anything with him, thanks for posting, he’s really cute!


Thank You :slight_smile:


11 bucks? When was this sale? Lol.

Thanks. I really enjoy reborning this kit so far. I will definitely purchase another Raine soon.


The one I bought was a seconds kit. Sometimes when you do a search on seconds, they will have seconds with an additional 40% off so I was able to catch him, I got 3 lol! Will get to them one day, if not, my daughter can practice for that price.


You’re going to do great with GHSPs. Your babies are pretty!


Babies have been bathed. … Now to start the reborning cycle.


Thank you so much. That means a lot to me! I hope that I can ask you questions because you are one of only a few I know who has used air dry and then changed. I have two nightmares about it. One I burn up the baby and in the second I just keep painting but no color ever shows up!


@angfay who is the baby in the middle?


That is Bountiful Baby’s Kadence


Kadence sure looks different on your pic. Looking forward to seeing her done.


I think she is adorable and so tiny. The details on the two little ones are surprising. Ok…done. lol


Maybe something like this? https://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/B07546XPPT/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A272N5USJXL8HD&psc=1

Sorry its French amazon but its where I have to order from. I went ahead and bought some. I have some like it but when I zoomed in I can see that there are only tiny, pin prick, holes where as the ones I have, have larger holes so Ill try these out and see if they make little pores :slight_smile: