Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


Jenny, she’s so cute!


Another beauty!!!


You take every kit that I am iffy about and make irresistible! :heart_eyes:

If only I could paint like you!
I love the shading! And as always the soles of her feet are to die for!


Just put the finishing touches on Sweet Pea Awake, to match her sleeping twin… Also, 1st dolly clothes I ever sewed, I need improvement, but it was fun making the outfits!


I think the outfits are really nice good job :wink:


Thank you! I believe she is my best work…at least I don’t feel like a beginner when I look at her paint. Still much I want to accomplish when I start using GHSP. I hope that is not a disaster.


What @jennyk I’ll bet your GHSP babies will be just as awesome! Can’t wait to see your first one.


Don’t have much time to work on the 3 babies due to my work schedule. But they are coming along. Here is a couple pictures of preemie tatie.


I have issues with migraines triggered by odor, so the only Genesis products I have used is that matte varnish and the air dry gloss that they no longer make. I am not sure why I want to try GHSP. You all may be seeing an oven and a bunch of stuff for sale because I had to buy new brushes and all this stuff and it may not work out. I am planning to try over my holiday break from work. It seems there are so many more things that can go wrong with GHSP. I guess we will see! I will be sure to post my attempt.


You are amazing!!! Love all your work.


Me too about the migraines. I am going to try the Reborn FX that is about as far as I will go with paints. I really love liquitex. I think Saskia will be the leader in the development of my style. I am working on her now. Praying that it all works out for you. @jennyk :pray::slight_smile:


Let me know what you think of Reborn FX. I like the Liquitex too, I just cannot get the little pores in the skin texture and sometimes struggle for the look I want with mottling. Of course, that might happen with GHSP too.


I am going to try to get skin texture and pores with her. When I finish, if I remember, I will let you know if I achieved it.


Fantastic! I know some say they can get it with the Soft Touch varnish, but I have not tried that. It did not work for me with the matte version of that stuff.


I tried that too, I am determined to figure it out, lol!


What sponge do you use for you varnish?


I’ve tried the ones from Jillian, the car wash sponge and the regular makeup wedges. I think its the paint, it seems to smooth everything out.


The car wash one would be the best for texture


Me too! Sonja uses something called a pottery sponge, but I never could find anything called a pottery sponge- at least not locally.


Raine almost complete.