Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


OMG! beautiful!! :heart_eyes:


@silydie OMG she is so precious, I love her sweet face!


She look like a little one with her favorite dolly. So beautiful


Thanks! I really love her it is just the vinyl is not wanting hair lol but it is getting it anyway just taking a whole lot longer .


Nothing like having an already painstaking job made harder! She is a cutie though!


Thanks she is worth the trouble to me as she is my granddaughter match baby the best I could find at any rate so I am on no time limit whatever it takes lol.
Have no idea whats with this one I stopped counting after 80 rooted babies and she is the only one that gave me issues with not wanting hair :smile:


What is your plan for your custom grand baby sculpts? Are you going to put them on display of are they being given to each child or child’s mom? Just being nosy lol


They are staying with me until the great event hits me :smile: and hope it is a long way off but who knows then they will get the babies .
Hopefully they will appreciate them more then lol


I see, my mom had very special items she saved for me, sentimental items. A few she gave to me a bit too young, I did not care for them properly due to lack of appreciation as to what I was really receiving. The others she gave me later and I still have them and treasure them! Your grandchildren will love having such special sentimental items. Hopefully items that can be passed down to their own children some day.


Same here, my mom gave me one of my baby dresses as a kid and it got destroyed. On my 18th birthday my Grandma gave me a big metal tin FULL of all my baby stuff. My Christening gown, a tiny diaper, a pretty vintage dress (my mom wore it home from the hospital) and all kinds of other stuff that I really love and cherish. It’s something that I plan to do if I have kids, it’s just so special


work in progress on wee Darren


He is perfect looks like he is so peacefully sleeping


Love him! :heart_eyes:


so do I, wouldn’t mind making another of him, this one is for my collection.


I would keep him too, he is just precious! Love your babies :baby:t3:


Thank you :slight_smile: he is so cute, just love this sculpt.


@marrabo is there a better pic of that lovely dress somewhere?


Sorry lol that is the only one I took once I get her taken back apart again I will take one of just the dress I might be able to lay her down and get one that way if it would help but gotta tell you I am not good on pictures anymore than I was before :smile:


I love his hair, you did a great job. I keep practicing, hopefully Ill get it soon. Im worried that I will end up having to go back to Evilbay and I really don’t want to but I need to get some of these babies out of my house! :wink:


I am horrible at taking pictures too so I understand. That one is nice though.