Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


I added pictures and what I did to make the dress to the knitting loom post if you get time to look and hope I explained it well enough.


WIP of 2nd version of Realborn Joseph.


Absolutely Stunning!! He looks totally cute bald!!


Thank you. I’m considering keeping him bald.


He is stunning ! I think bald is beautiful :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::grin:


Finished my Caitlyn (Mei Lien ) these are with her front plate cute but probably wont be wearing very often lol plates can be such a pain .


Wow! He is absolutely gorgeous! :open_mouth::heart:️️


Realborn Jade WIP! Need to get the limbs finished.


Wow wow wow he is amazing!


She looks so alive, she is gorgeous


Thanks ! after the fit she gave me with her hair not coming in I began to think she was :smile:


Too funny!


So adorable!!




Ella will be born soon


1st Tristen de Lange (sold just sharing)


Working on cuddle baby Lavender and affordababy Sugar. Just noticed they look a lot alike. :flushed:


Gorgeous hair!!


Here is a picture of my nearly finished Ashley Awake (future mother of dragons) head sitting next to my NEARLY finished Saskia. Her eyes are sitting next to her LOL. Im also including a picture of the top of Ashley’s head, Im very happy with the way her hair turned out :slight_smile:


This sweet boy is about to get hair :heart_eyes: