Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


Thanks everyone.


I hope you know I mean this as a compliment when I tell you this doll is slightly terrifying! :grimacing:


3M Realborn Joseph FINALLY this little guy is all complete. Can’t wait to do my second version!


Very nice!!! His picture is also beautiful!


Laila awake. Need to decide root or draw hair…


So beautiful !


es precioso




i love the hair you use for your little ones. It’s always so beautiful and curly. Do you mind sharing your supplier?


He is a beauty!!


This hair was from Angela Sprott (Angela’s Premium Mohair). She literally has some of the best curly mohair. I also use Silk Effex and Aplus Mohair.


Thank you so much.


Thank you so much <3


Ty😍 I just love your babies’ hair. It looks so soft.


Awe…shes adorable!!


I have been trying to learn to paint, and draw, hair. I just ordered two new practice heads because the one I have is just a little round head, I may as well use a rubber ball. I hope one of the two heads are more natural shaped. I just root because its all I can do but I am getting far better and more efficient. Cant wait to see what you decide, she’s a cutie I keep coming close to buying her but I have so many kits. I have to start agreeing with my husband that I need to sell some of these babies. I think its time to try reborns.com because I am not having much luck with my FB page and the French FB sell sites. I just don’t want to go back to eBay!


Wow, he looks great!
I am not looking forward to rooting that big ole head!! How long did it take you?


I think painting realistic hair is the hardest thing to do !
I prefer draw them or root, but I already have 2 heads to finish. Practice is the key.
I have a Laila awake second to sell if you decide to have one…:wink: I have not sell a doll on reborn.com in all the summer, but just sold my Jade locally, a first for me !


My second Byron, with painted hair just finish yesterday. I just need to tone down the sheen before assembling.


My Caitlyn (Mei Lien) in process of getting hair wearing her knitting loom dress with her doll .