Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


My Laila I just finished. I’ll get better pictures when sun is out tomorrow morning :slight_smile:


Those cheeks are perfect!


Darren WIP


I made my first Asian baby, Fei Yen:) (For sale on reborns.com)


@Babies How did you learn to do that swirl so quick. I 'm still trying to figure it out!


The Jacqueline Kramer rooting video:)


He is beautiful-Asian babies are my all time favorites!


My WIP has been knitting. I put my reborning aside for the last little bit and I’m working on trying to build my stock up for my upcoming craft sales. For the last little bit I have been knitting these newborn bear hats.


They are sooo cute ! :heart_eyes:


Absolutely adorable!!


Those are so cute!!! :heart_eyes:


So cute!


Those are so adorable!!


Did you have a pattern for the sweater and booties?


How cute!


Yes sorry I just saw this it is on u tube and very easy to find just look for loom knit baby sweater and loom knit booties .
Here is a link to the sweater hope it works https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XTLSvF95fY
Yep it did for me just checked lol


She’s so adorable


Love them :heart_eyes:


thank you! <3 Her Mommy ordered her a twin sister too… will show both together when finished


These hats are beautifully knitted and really cute!