Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


So Sweet, just love that face!


I’m pretty sure that’s the best version I’ve seen, @specialmoments.




Not much to see as I only just started on Darren this morning

I’ve just started micro rooting Brooklyn with lovely blonde, so I will be doing a little rooting on Brooklyn then painting on Darren


He’s lovely! I’m just getting ready to paint my Darren and I can’t wait




custom order , Lilly by Regina Swialkowski , going home


I love your toddlers. They are beautiful.


Finally finished this sweet little bundle today


I finally finished rooting n did the applied method to his hair. I was nervous about doing it. But not bad for first try. Looks better in person. Now that the hair is done. He looks like he could also be a girl. In the beginning, I though all boy.


Great job, he looks all boy to me.


Thank you . I think I’m gonna keep him as a boy.


I stills see strong boy as well, he is so adorable!


Excellent job!


Thank you


Thank you


Looks great but what is the applied method. Do you need special items?


Applied method has 2 ways of doing it. One, is to root the hair, it doesn’t have to penetrate through the inside. Once done rooting, you mix up the liquids n apply to the head/hair n style. It glued the hair in place. It’s a method that Melissa George does in one of her videos on Patreon. Second way is to glue the mohair to the head.


Thanks so much. Yours is great. How long does it take to dry?


You welcome. It was dry this morning.