Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


Love the mottling!


She is lovely. I cant believe you are rooting eyebrows that is hard! and all that rooting!


I want that hat and sweater!!!


Awesome hair!


I love that sculpt, where did you find him?


He’s Marcus by AK Kitagawa. I got him at macpherson when he first came out. I think he’s sold out now unfortunately.


She’s adorable, love her light tones and her lips are perfect :wink:


She’s looking great so far. I just got a seconds of her. I’m anxious to see how yours turns out.


She still needs quite a bit of work. But sometimes you just have to put them together and play dress up. I tell ya one thing…the little princess is mad mad mad about this hat I got her from @Ledbetterlittles. :rage::joy:


Oh my gosh!!! It is PERFECT on her. That pout​:heart::heart:She hates it!!


She’s still pissssed off about it. Apparently she holds a grudge. She may never be happy now. :wink:


Then our plan worked, little stinker :wink:
Does she need more gawdy stuff to make sure that pout stays?! I can send her some!!


She has the tutu and big hair bow too. She doesn’t like any of it. :wink:


She’s a prude, I dont think we’ll ever find anything she approves of!


It’s the princess in her. She can’t help it. It’s in her blood. :wink:


WIP… he’s almost finished his outfit came out amazing. I still have to make the vest, sew on the collar and add some pompoms to the outfit but so far it’s looking good. I had to make my own pattern for this outfit I was nervous I’d mess it up but it actually all came together great.

Outfit is complete


Custom Joseph almost done.


Gorgeous skin tones!


She got her lashes tonight


FINALLY got this girlie together!