Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


And a natural light pic


Thank you. She ended up going home as a sweet little girl.


So here is my Ethon all finished and with his new knitting loom sweater , booties and toys I got lost in the knitting loom for a while had to play with it he also has a matching hat and mittens :smile:


Put away the big babies in favor of starting Twin B for a change of pace


She’s very cute and I don’t even like Kenzie…even with that and even with the wonky eye, she’s adorable.


Hes beautiful!


Future mother of dragons still needs a lot of work…like I need to fix her eyebrows (HATE HATE HATE eyebrows), give her some eyelashes, a paci magnet, glue in her eyes, I just noticed when I zoom in I need to clean up around her nose, and then she will be ready to put together…and I should also brush her hair maybe LOL, I had just glued in her hair so she was upside down when someone wanted me to snap a few quick pics of her so thought Id share her here as well.


I love your display. Can you tell me where you found that darling fall outfit on the baby sitting on the lion?


Second version of Betty WIP

Sorry for the lack of eyes. I’ve been trying to find the perfect eyes for my Betty’s but even 24mm seems too small. Oval for sure is too small unless the sockets is just too deep maybe. Any solution?


The hair looks great and I like the blue eyes!


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I love your display. Can you tell me where you found that darling fall outfit on the baby sitting on the lion?

Those are Gymboree tights with a Carter’s thrift store jacket and a onesie that happened to be the right color… I think I might have gotten the boots at Babies R Us last year!


Just SO beautiful!


That Betty WIP is beautiful so far. I wish that I can be more helpful to you, but I am only a new collector. I wish so far that she was mine lol.


He is so cute you did a beautiful job on him. I didn’t know you could make a sweater, I love it!


Custom Joseph.


Took time away from reboarding to knit Nevaeh a dress.

Newborn clothes seemed too big for her and the Carter’s in town is sold out of anything preemie


That’s adorable, great job!


Finally finished the hair on Jesse and Kyra. Now onto rooting the lashes.




Thank you :slight_smile:
The hair is too thick for a baby as small as her but it was the only white hair I had. I want to use that hair for my Liam and other larger babies I have after I dye it. Its still really soft, its just not thin like tiny baby hair.