Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


What about the full round eyes?


Thanks ! yeah I found a sweater can be made on the loom .


I was thinking full rounds too, @specialmoments


I have never used full rounds before. I have already opened up most of the sockets


It’s okay, I open up my sockets like 3/4 of the way and try different eyes. The full ones still work. They just stick out the back some, but it does not matter. I really love them. They are a bit pricey though, @specialmoments.


Do you go in from the front or back? I have a pair of 22mm that I was going to try but actually seemed like they were going to be tight.


The 22mm full round I have here fit PERFECTLY!!! I’ll probably use those on my other Betty as they are dark brown. I was thinking a deep greenish gray for her.

Thank you @Lil and @DollyPardon


I’m glad it worked, @specialmoments! I always go in through the back. Since I use air dry, I don’t heat the vinyl, it never gets pliable to insert from the front.

Don’t forget to post pics when you are done. She is going to be really cute.


Cant wait to see her with her new eyes :slight_smile:



I go from the back as well but for some reason I always thought inserting full round was more complex lol it’s actually easier but glass eyes are expensive


I have finished up several cuddle babies this week and Kase that I had started back at Christmas time last year. He waited a long time for me to get out of a funk lol. A big thanks goes out to @RoseannsBoutique for her wonderful cuddle bodies :slight_smile:


Those are so cute. Do the cuddle dolls sell well?



Oh my goodness is he ever beautiful, what kit is this, LOVING the coloring!


They are adorable


Working on Priscilla
Blushing on face is a bit dark, but not much I can do about it now :frowning:


Not sure this is the first time I have listed any cuddle babies. I did get an email today from someone with several questions who says she is going to adopt one tomorrow when she gets paid, so we will see.


No longer WIP; I got him assembled. I’m going to list him later on tonight, I think…it’s storming right now, so hard to get any good photos.