Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


May I ask how many hooks it has, sorry just want mine to look as good as yours


Single barb

Edited to say don’t be sorry that’s why we have this awesome forum!


Im working on sewing some clothes for my babies…how does this look? She’s got a diaper cover as well. I made it for my Jade (just don’t have her completely done yet) it doesn’t look as good on 3/4 limbs


That’s super cute. And it would look good on 3/4 limbs too…you just need to put a tshirt under it :heart_eyes:


Thank you!!


Really nice ! Yes a t shirt or onesie will fit well


The dress is cute and I think her hair looks cute too!


very cute, good job :wink:


Little progress.


That is looking fantastic!


Isn’t a Crown Needle a 3 barb, one on each side but all placed around the tip of the needle??


Then perhaps it is just a single? I got it from the travelling pants box and it wasnt marked :rofl:


Oh, well whatever it is, glad it’s working for ya!!


Just about ready to assemble and tame the hair! This is Nina Stoete to go to Kansas Doll Show with me…


She says “get that light out of my eyes! I’m trying to sleep!” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That skin tone is so lovely Pia! He just glows😍


What a lovely little grump. Please show again after taming that hair. Your babies are beautiful!!


Work in progress on Ethon


Why is it I think I accomplish so much and then look at the head and realize there is so much more to go :rofl:


He is so cute!!