Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


What a cutie…love your version, I didnt even recognise the kit she/he looks so different than any of the others Ive seen…beautiful!


Yay, Mr. Chunky Joseph, adorable.
I can’t wait to get at my kit :slight_smile:


My favorite Uriel so far.


Wip of Landon asleep. Trying to decide which eyes to use.


I like the brown eyes, but both are cute!


Me too, but they both look nice. Thank you


They do :slight_smile: Whichever you choose he’ll look great. Landon is such a grumpy looking little guy lol


Yes he is.


Working on the first of a set of twins. This is the first baby I’ve rooted in 3 years. Amazingly enough, I’ve missed it.


So you cut the eyes on this kit to make him open eyed… if so I had no idea, couldn’t tell at all.


I didn’t , this is the awake version. Landon awake


Oh it said asleep above the pic so thought you had scalpeled him into an open lol. I have the asleep version up next to do for the first time. Home I can do as good as you


Oh, that’s my mistake. That’s what happens when you half asleep n posting. Thank you. I’m pretty sure he will look wonderful.


Brown are awsome.


First time with alpaca… it’s like trying to sew water :rofl::rofl:


What difference good lighting makes. lol

Laila Awake


Oh my that’s what I thought when I felt it in the package, love to see how that looks when you get more done…


I think im liking it.


You are making progress, I am hoping it being so fine it will look very newborn. May I ask what size and type needle you are finding works well?


Sure I’m using 40g crown :slight_smile:

It is super fine, gets static but so soft!