Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


Beautiful, I hope you take lots of pictures!!!


I know what you mean. I don’t think about how much more there is to do and just plod along enjoying the moment, or it can become overwhelming. :thinking: :upside_down_face::crazy_face:


U said u took the class right? Oh my that looks gorgeous I wanna take her class


My first wip, Jade, with Ultimate fusion paint.
It’s difficult as the paint is very translucent and I am not used to it. I like my babies to have more colors !
After 3 primary washes(6 coats), 2 burnt umber washes and 4 layers of motling, blush, veins, shading and 2 layers of creases, I don’t know what to do know !


Ethon is adorable!!


Allie and Byron in the oven.
Allie is a very orange kit —I’ve already put 4 skin washes and two green washes. This is the one the young girl is coming to make today.


It’s looking really good -I ve started using less water than recommended- it was driving me crazy to not see a change after a few washes, mottling , etc -it is a very translucent paint - but I like not having to bake :slight_smile:


She is going to have so much fun!! Post pics please :blush:


Yes, I took the class, but I already had experience rooting so I wasn’t starting as a newbie. The class helped me fine tune things. It would still be a great class for someone who has never rooted as well.


It’s take long time before seing a change ! I never used Genesis, so can’t compare.

Jade finish (I think)


Painted some hair on Sammers


Maybe try a blue wash on the orange kit…


Why you so grouchy, Baby Rosa?
Maybe she will cheer up once she gets some hair. :wink:


Getting grant dressed and finding a box so hes ready :frowning: bittersweet… hes so huge I hope I find a box!


Y’all are making me want one. What a cutie!


Cuddle baby Sam is ready just need to go buy him a going home outfit :slight_smile:


Lol @nikkiroc gave u best hair I agree! I give u all types of rewards one of the best most realistic reborn I have ever seen. Way over well done. :slight_smile:


Thank you soooo much. I started making them because I love dolls and I keep my work almost more than making them. I can honestly say my heart hurt to let him go.:frowning: He will always be one of my favorites.14d96bb98dc0fc7581d700551b4b1c285e559187_1_690x460282d9f7c4187e10375ba89214ab0c72cbf3bcb4c_1_690x460


Just seeing ur response. Well amazing work, I may have looked at ur rooting 50x…lol im soon getting back into reborning after over a year hiatus love inspirations like yours


Well I hope it’s clear at 50x. I just take pictures on my cell phone so not sure how good the quality can get zoomed in.