Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


i love his hair


beautiful little girl


he looks like he should be breathing :heart_eyes:


He’s backkkk… I hope I make this one okay. He’s going to be my keeper.


He’s all painted just needs nails, lashes and hair! I’m trying shangrila alpaca hair for the first time on him, should be here Saturday :slight_smile: I always seem to take night time photos lol. Hes going to be hard to sell… I like how he turned out


Here is my little Kaelin


I hate eyebrows as well…lately Ive been using a toothpick to help out but they still make me crazy!!!


So precious!


Sweet, sweet!


I really like your lower lip on June, they are both so cute…my Lavender is on the way, can’t wait to paint her :slight_smile:


Lane WIP


He’s cute!


Try making you paint thinner so that the first layer is barely noticeable and then bake it. When you do the next thin layer you will see the brows more. I usually do about 4 or 5 layers baking in between each one so that I can easily wipe it off if I make a spot too dark.


This poor kid awaiting my brother for her photo shoot… lol


first pictures, Charlie, was Chanelle by Jannie de Lange


I just noticed that Princess Adelaide has eyebrows already sculpted on. It will be interesting to see how this works out when they are done. :thinking:


Hmmm weird


I was wondering about that too… Oh well, at least they will match. :joy:


I think I like it.


Greta by Andrea Arcello brows were sculpted into the kit as well.