Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


Is this a good or bad thing?


Personally I don’t really like it. The paint pools in that area & it’s just “general” shape. It is a good guide however.


I do like the idea of a guide so I can get even brows without having to wipe and start over 8 million times. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So glad i am not the only one lol


He looks good! I like the coloring!


Lavender just in need of her hair


She’s really cute💕


Rooting Nina Stoete! Probably about 8 hours to go?


Thank you! He definitely grew on me after details!.


Beautiful job!


@pia, how many babies are you bringing to the Kansas show?


Hopefully 8+


Newborn Joseph wip. I’m going for super fair skin and he will have very fair hair.


I need honest opinions please as I am trying to get better with my artwork. Painting hair has proven to be difficult for me. Suggestions please on how to get a more realistic look! Thank you


Sammers waiting for hair lashes and a cuddle body.


mi primer etnico


Lavender getting some hair


Jusr realize that I need to do the creases on his right knee lol. Anyways, still have more to go.


Uriel! So in love with this kit. Still need to finish up the limbs (cell photo)


So sweet, just have to smile when I look at her or him!