Let's Show our Work, or WIP!




My life exactly :joy::joy:


me too!!!


Do you know the first kit on the right with the open hands? Its cute lol.


Unfortunately, I am both girls, lol. I have a ton of shoes and now kits and baby parts, I am a mess.


I actually dont, @Sophiasdolls, but we have quite a few kit experts here. Im sure someone will recognize it. :grin:


Lol, exactly!! The real addiction for me!!


I had to put him together real quick before I start painting the next one


I love putting them together :slight_smile:


Can I ask what layers you used? Love his tone and thats what I was thinking of doing on my Reese :slight_smile:


Me too :slight_smile: I ought to leave him alone until the paint cures but I cant resist!


Thanks! It is primary colors with several extra red and yellow washes. A couple of times I just mixed the red and yellow for a peachy colored wash.


I was thinking of primaries too, that will work out well! Thanks! How many mottle colors/layers did you do? I only ask because im already 3 mottle layers in lol


I wish I could remember! purple, blue-green, and red for sure奸ooks like maybe a yellowish mottle too


Thats exactly what I did haha! Perfect.


Ways to go but, hes a cutie.


I just love all these Dominics. He is the sweetest


Hes so sweet, I just want to eat him up!



Did you use the body that came with him? Mine looks really small and out of proportion but yours looks perfect!