Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


Yes, it is the body that came with him! I felt that way about Journey. I was yelling at it trying to get it together.


My Madison Awake is completed. :slight_smile:



She turned out really cute! Love that she’s rocking a bald head!!!


Thank you! :slight_smile:


Never rooted and painted at the same time… but it helps with the oven down time! Not super please with Reese’s color… trying to decide where to go with him.


WIP Cuddle baby Brittany. Just need to give him hair.


Cutest one I have seen!


Realborn Brittany?! That is the best one I’ve seen. :heart:


Evelyn is finished and for sale!



Finley and Enya as twins :heart_eyes:


They are gorgeous!! :heart_eyes:


They are both beautiful!
May I ask where you get your eyes?


Beautiful! How did you achieve this life-like skin tone? I’m struggling, I can never get that “Alive” look, mines always seem so pale.


Thank you. These are just cheap eyes from dolls by sandie. I was debating on whether or not to buy better once, especially since these are 2 different colors. But I actually like these, especially Finley’s. I may just buy another pair like his…if I can figure out what color they are. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I like Finley’s the best…they are really pretty. Did you put Pledge on them? They look like glass eyes.
I am as bad at buying eyes as I am at buying baby kits and most of mine are closed eye LOL…I just recently started making opened eye babies.


No pledge. Just straight from the package :slight_smile:


Well for cheap eyes they look pretty darn good :wink:


Is Finley the one with the open mouth?? Also who sculpted them? I want one lol don’t need one but I want one.


I started with base undertones (blue in the usual places), and then did a few light flesh washes - not sure what to compare it to since I made my own air dry mix. After that was some red mottling, blushing and more flesh washes. At that point I wasn’t happy so I tried the primary method (red wash, yellow wash, blue wash), and then a few more flesh washes. I think that was about it! Owen was super easy to work with, so I can’t take too much credit - I didn’t have the same luck with Liam :-/