Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


Thank you ! It’s Isabella by Nikki Johnston .




Thanks ! I thought he would go with the big cow as he looked so cute hugging the stuffed one lol .


My mother stopped by yesterday with a bag full of bonnets that she just whipped up for “her” babies!! Working on Joni Marx this cold rainy day.


Oh my gosh, I love all these babies. The werewolf baby, the crier - they’re all so cute! :heart_eyes:


@Caidensmommy that crying baby looks SO realistic. Holy moly!!!


Thank you!!


This is Maddison by Adrie Stoete with alternate Stoete limbs (customer wanted full arms). She was an early Stoete kit.


Finished Levi :blue_heart:


Whose belly did you use?


Martha Grace Wip :


Aside from her hair eye brows and eyelashes I feel like little Ella needs something :(.


Just about finished painting this custom Luxe. Just need to give him brows, then on to rooting!

(He’s not quite so stark in person - these are cell pics taken at night!)


After seeing all of these perfect complexion babies, I realize I have so much to learn…I wish I could get these skin tones. :frowning:


Your reborn’s skin tone looks very nice.


Thanks Denise :slight_smile:


Liam hair is almost done.human hair is so nice to root.


Working on Ana asleep. …one of my favorite realborn kits.


Just completing up this little angel too…