Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


Gorgeous! Great painting!



That’s so sweet of you. She’ll love her.


You have a precious heart. God will bless you for your kindness :hugs::two_hearts:


Just finished Violet a couple of days ago.


I think she’s my fourth one. On to Ella. I just love that little Ella :slight_smile:


Some things I just finished and some sets I’m working on now.


Your sets are darling !!!


Thanks! :0)


Awe!! So adorable!


Thanks! The zipper pouches are for pacifiers, in case anyone was wondering. They hold up to three pacis and a paci clip.


I was :smile: but oh soooo cute good job .


Thanks. :0)


Just finish rooting this little head. I will try to add clay ears, because my first idea dont work.


This may have taken you a really long time but it turned out amazing. Good job.


I bought a cow :smile: I found little boy blue ?


That’s just too cute!


Here’s the two customs I’m working on right now!


Rooting this one now!


Who is this baby please? Her hair is really gorgeous !


What kit is this? What a cutie!