Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


How much hair did you use on him? And where did you get it? I have to root my Liam, but just waiting for money cause human hair is expensive and his head is huge so I want to be sure I have enough lol


@jenn1 who is that?


You all need to do what I do. I asked my beautician to save any hair that she cuts off of children.I took her a pack of coated elastic bands and she puts them in ponytails and puts it in the plastic bags that I took her also. She has also sent me many customers because she tells the parents about my reborn babies. I have even done babies for people using their child’s hair.


@Anne the first baby is realborn ana, second is LTR Dominic


@jenn1, this baby is amazing !!! I Love you subtle lip color and cheeks. Did you mix it yourself or buy a premixed. The hair is gorgeous too, is it mohair? Beautiful job !!!


@aclovly Thank you so much. I create all my colors from scratch when I can for skin tones, and lips I make from blue based reds, a little umber and some blue or purple washes. Same with blush, but I add no browns to that.
Her hair is virgin remey human spirals.


WELLLLLL I’ve got Pneumonia in both lungs & the medicine made me VERY ill. But sharing this adorable photo. Really trying to work on my photography lol


Oh no!! Get well soon, @specialmoments!!! Beautiful baby, as usual. :slight_smile:


Cierra, please rest and take care of yourself so you can get better…stunningly beautiful baby as always :blue_heart:


Take care of yourself, and your baby is beautiful as usual !!!


Beautiful ! Take good care of yourself and get better soon .


Thank you everyone!!


@jenn1 they are both adorable. I need Dominic, lol!


You’ve done wonders with this kit!!!


Oh no! @specialmoments get well soon!! :bouquet:


I bought a extention package at beautysuply close to my house. It cause me $22. Ibough curly 10" broun hair. I have used only a little. I think i can make 1 more babies with the hair i have left.


@Anne I believe you can still buy Dominic kit. :blue_heart:


Thank you​:blue_heart::blue_heart:


Dominic asleep is on sale for half price right now. :grinning:


This baby is absolutely stunning!!! :heart_eyes: