Let's Show our Work, or WIP!




Beautiful Laila, @Simone. Love her.


@DollyPardon Do you think she needs another warming layer? There’s another pic of her up there.


Nope, @Simone, not at all. Don’t touch her. She’s perfect!


She is adorable <3


she is so pretty <3


I think I ruined my Olive with varnish. I used a very light coat but it’s not even. I used matte varnish from B.B. I tried my best. I will do the limbs tomorrow and bake her a couple of times. Just sigh.


Your Laila is adorable!!


She’s beautiful!!


I love their skin tones. Gorgeous!!


This baby is SO beautiful!


@Mommy2five @CindyLouWho Thank you ~


Did you just pounce it on straight or thin it? Have you baked it 3 times?


Thanks! She is a cute little thing :heart_eyes: I enjoy reborning her so much. I just wish we had better weather, so I could take better pictures. I try today again and this is what I got.

And then it began to rain. I need the sun to come out :persevere:


Wow she’s Perfect!! I need lessons from you!! Just precious!:heart_eyes:


I pounced it. I didn’t sponge it from the jar. I used a paint palette and spread it as evenly and thin as possible and then used a cosmetic wedge. She has been baked once so far. I’m doing her head and limbs separately.


Aww thanks. I have learn a lot in this forum. I don’t follow any steps or have any set process, but if there is anything I can help I’ll be happy to. I am very grateful for all that I have learned in this forum. I’m still a little lost, but when I came across this forum I didn’t even know that rooted hair had to be seal. Luckily I was only doing dolls for my family. :grin:


What kit is she? I’m so in love with this baby.


You’re so welcome. This forum is wonderful. I have been researching with you tube and blogs also. But this is a great resource:). I’m not going to really use a recipe for every kit. I think when we see them we just know what to do what we want them to look like :). I just love the softer coloring. Perfect :baby: !


Yes what kit please lol I forgot to ask :slight_smile: