Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


Did you varnish her?


beautiful, I love the hair painting looks so natural


That is Mia she is a prototype I’m doing for Brenda. Her kit would be available soon on Macpherson and my doll would be on eBay once I get good pictures.


It will not completely cure until it is baked 3 times.




Yes. I mix matte and satin


That’s what I do but I thin mine,do you?


Yes equal part of everything


My WIP - any suggestions are appreciated! Next part is the scary part -brows-eyelashes -and hair😩


She looks really good! I can’t see anything obvious that she needs, other than the things you said. :slight_smile:


Liam is a lot of work :sweat: I have finish 2 other dolls and he still has a long way to go.
I’m tired just imaginings how long rooting would take


So sweet, I love Taite!



I made birth certificates for the little ones I am reborned:relaxed:

Do you give birth certificates to your reborn dolls?
Thank you very much for the help I have fixed)


You have typos sweetie. Birth, Weight and Length

I make out card style certificates on Walmart .com then go pick them up once printed


Thank you!


I just finished this little guy. He’s my 1st kit that I’ve reborned.


Much better :slight_smile:


Beautiful first baby @crazy4looney2n. Who’s next?


Awesome job!! He’s adorable!!