Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


I feel your pain. I procrastinated for weeks, though. :joy:


We have the opposite done. LOL

The one I am rooting I have the whole back done and the side burn area. And it is taking forever and I hate rooting. lol

I am trying to root most my Limited edition kits for my booth at ROSE… and have more heads waiting in line ready to root but no desire to do it. LOL


She’s beautiful!


Looks great…I am STILL rooting Charles, Ill probably be doing that forever LOL


Hello everybody! We have Page with new photos))). Such a girl is a blonde. Little and gentle))) I love her.


Morgan…I JUST noticed that one eye is smaller than the other. Is that normal on this kit? I can’t really tell on the other pics in the forum.


Looking at the blank kit on BB, it does look like it’s supposed to be that way. It’s not really visible in the prototype, though. Only if you look closely.


It seems that rooting may only takes several days of all day if I use the yearling mohair. I have one head going with that and I am going to see how I like it. I just like the really fine mohair for my finished babies…I like painting too and it goes much faster…but…gotta do what people want.


I feel you I have been rooting a Jordyn kit for what seems like forever!


Here is Jordyn, her eyes need to be set and I need to finish rooting her and seal but could not resist putting her together :heart_eyes:


She’s so cute!


Building color on Saskia


She’s beautiful!! <3 May I ask what you use for the creases? I need to make mine darker. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much!
I use BB Color#11: Creases , Quinacridone Crimson 01 and Red


How darling. What sculpt is this?


Thank you that is a mix of Inara by Regina Swialkowski and limbs of Emmy by BB .


Thank you so much for sharing…very kind of you! <3


Yay! The end is in sight…!!! LOL



Love the tones, what colors are you using?


I’m working on two customs right now, Levi and Quinn! I love how they are turning out.