Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


I was the esame and I ordered BB’s red. Just red. I do layers of creases color, then layers of a pink I make with the red (Not LIp Color) and white. I make like a baby girl pink. baking between layers. Then the last touch is red. red and paint thinner. I promise it does not make it red it is the pink tone bonus! once maybe twice baking in between.


So sweet! i love her lashes and mouth, I root too many lashes on my babies. I need to work on that :smiley:


WIP Elora by Jannie de Lange TWINS … sold, just sharing


Thank you, I have trouble with lashes too:(


WOW!!! That’s all I can say! :slight_smile:


Yona arrived home today. Sharing this photo I got.


Love these twins!


Not very flattering pictures with flash… lol but this is my last WIP photos, the pledge is drying on the eyes.

Waiting on my larger magnets to arrive then I will start assembling the already done ones. (Emma, Marissa, Joseph awake & if done rooting by then Amelia and Xander)
Also washed 2 more kits today and decided to wait on my Aisha until my Berenger baby shows up and I will work on them at the same time. At least that is my plan right now.


thank you very much!


thank you, it is an awesome sculpt to bring to life


She’s beautiful !! You did a great job on her.


Everly wip, lots more to go


Absolutely beautiful!! :heart:


Everyone’should Shyann looks so real. Mine still looks dolly. I love yours


Oh my dolly. Their hair is so beautiful. They are both beautiful babies.


That’s really amazing…beenin anticipation to see this! Can’t wait to see her finished!


Thank’s ! But in person, mine look dolly too. I think is just the sculp.


Took this quick not so great picture of Cookie who is now ready for hair.


She is super cute, I love Cookie and your is sweet.


thank you so much!