Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


Finished little Thomas. He’s so cuddly! (Just waiting for the moist areas to dry, so pardon the wet mod podge on his eye crease and lips)


He’s adorable!!! I love his face!


Still working on Laila…love this kit…


Precious!! :heart:




She look awesome great job!!!



How do you see this mottled?


Thank you!


I like your mottleing-are you seeing a problem that doesn’t show on my monitor


Just completed my very first reborn baby! This was my first time doing anything even remotely like this. I

can’t wait to do more.


She looks really nice for a first baby, my first one has crazy red hair LOL. Making reborns is very addictive, Ive been doing it for nearly a year now. I keep saying that I am going to slow down but I just put two more babies on preorder and still waiting for another to go on pre order, plus I just bought another one from BB the other day. Have fun!


Really good 1st one ! You are talented!
And yes, it’s very addictive !


He looks so real :open_mouth:. How did you get the hair to look so real like it has natural oils?


Wow! Awesome for a first baby. Well done :clap:

Here’s my first baby still a WIP

She’s a bit shiny from rooting. I even attempted rooting her eyebrows.


Good hair and it has little product in it, just conditioner :slight_smile:


Shyann too… just finish rooting. Need to set eyes, cut hair and clean her a little. I like the ethnic vinyl.


This little one is so cute!!


Oh my gorgeous…just beautiful


haha! that would be fun