Let's Show our Work, or WIP!




Is she as big as she looks? amazing work there .


This is my first time using a German forked needle, he’s taking forever!!! I didnt work on him for months but it seems sometimes when I do that I don’t get anywhere. Ill post when I finally finish…going in for the swirl now :wink:


This is my first try at reborning. Details need to be done but for the most part I’m about 2/3 way through her painting. This is wip Olive.


No way…He looks amazing! Great job! <3


here is my line of baby heads…It is time to Combo hair them. :rofl:


Adorable! Who is the first one…I see Everly and Ella!! <3


A BB Juliet I got as a bald baby in a swap, I am rooting her very slowly… :smiley_cat:


She is lol. Very big. 14.6lbs


She’s adorable too!! I can’t wait to get Ella and Megan :slight_smile:


WOW!! now that deserves applause I know you cant hear it but I just gave you a round of it lol.


Thank you! I wish I had someone filming my son and me struggling to get her body out of the glove mold. It was hilarious!


Now that would have been fun maybe next time? lol


Definitely next time, I’ll make sure I have another person here to film it.


What exactly is a glove mold?


Two better pictures, just trying to scare my neighbors :joy:


Once you have a sculpt, and it is baked, you add layers of silicone over it making sure to get into all the nooks and crannies, after multiple layers you let it dry (that is the glove mold).
Then you make the mother mold of a harder material such as plaster that will support the glove mold once the clay sculpt is removed.
Once that is dry you have to open it back up, remove it from the glove mold (silicone layers), then get your sculpt out of the glove mold. remove all the pieces of clay and wash the glove mold. Apply release agent inside. Then put it back into the mother mold and fasten it closed tightly.
Then you pour your silicone into the spout of the mother mold and glove mold. Once that has set you then remove your mother mold, then remove your now silicone baby/sculpt from your glove mold kinda like peeling it off (sometimes) Then you have your silicone project (blank) ready to be washed and prepped for painting. Which is more silicone and pigments normally.
Youtube has some cool videos of the process.

Here is a google image to kinda understand what the glove mold is. But once for silicone babies are mush more intensive. :wink:


Thanks, Jenni.


Love it!! Maybe they will leave you random dolls to fix. Haha


LOL I love it!! May I ask how you got the pink blushing? I’m needing more pink for my doll and the only red I have is the lip color ty :slight_smile: