Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


that was weird, how did I get on this post, I was on a different and it jumped-------weird.


Finally some sun and I can take natural light pictures, I toned my pink and here is my second version of Landon so far. Love this little girl and should start hair soon!


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Took this quick not so great picture of Cookie who is now ready for hair.



Thank you!


learning with lexi :blush::blush:


She is cute


Eyebrows are beautiful


Sweet toddler…are u doing Emmy


How is it going with Emmy…what oven did u use


I didnt buy Emmy. (I did paint Emma though) Anyways I dont do big babies. :wink: Figure I will do air dry if I buy one


I didn’t purchase her. I may in the future but I prefer smaller sleeping babies.




BB Realborn Kimberly WIP


Working on my new toddler just a little more and I can play with her .


This is my first attempt at painting hair. This is mainly the mapping and one color. I need to buy black paint to darken more layers. I wanted little waves but how can I improve this? This is brow brown and paint thinner. Honest opinions please. This is the Olive kit



What do I do to give it a more real color?


If you mix ultramarine blue and burnt number it makes a black type color.


Was Tibby now Paloma


So close to being done and down to my last needle… The amount of time I spent on this hair is crazy.